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Leonard Ng is the founder of Messrs. Yew Huoi & Associates. Graduated from one of the most prestigious university in Malaysia, he began his legal career in 2008 in Shook Lin & Bok specializing in the area of insurance, shipping and maritime litigation. He later joined as an associate at Joseph Tan Jude Benny’s Malaysian branch handling International Maritime Arbitration matters. Leonard Ng has gained its commercial experience working as in-house legal counsel in various large shipping companies in Singapore and Indonesia before returning home to set up in 2012.


  • Specializes in international trade, maritime and civil aviation litigation and arbitration.
  • Currently appears as Counsel for several conveyancing firms on real estate litigation in particular:
    • Securing specific performance of sale and purchase agreement;
    • Extension of the duration of caveat; and
    • Recently won the landmark decision requiring developer (a public listed company) who failed to effect transfer of condominium parcels to purchasers to pay contribution of management funds.
  • Extensive experience in Shipping/Maritime matters including but not limited to:-
    • ship arrest, cargo damage;
    • non-payment of freight;
    • time limitation;
    • negligence, death and personal injury;
    • seaworthiness of the vessel,
    • disputes relating to bill of lading,
    • seaway;
    • airway bill, charter party; and
    • general average etc.
  • Extensive experience in dealing with local and international clients including shipowners, managers, agents, charterers, Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Clubs, insurers, freight forwarders, banks, shipyards etc.
  • Had defended various shipowners on collision claim.
  • Also practices a wide spectrum of contentious litigation relating to construction, real estate, corporate and commercial litigation:

Commercial Litigation

  1. Pertikaian berkaitan dengan Incoterms dan sekiranya berlaku risiko kehilangan atau kerosakan kargo dari penjual kepada pembeli;
  2. Tuntutan bagi barangan yang dijual & dihantar;
  3. Dispute relating to the contract of agency and contract for service; and
  4. Claim for debt due and owing

Undang-undang Syarikat

  1. Pertikaian yang berkaitan dengan pengarah dan pemegang saham;
  2. Pelanggaran tanggungjawab fidusiari
  3. Penggulungan syarikat;
  4. Dispute relating to meeting of the Board of Directors or shareholders; and
  5. Company restructuring and amalgamation.

Real Estate and Commercial

  1. Dispute relating to sale and purchase agreement; and
  2. Dispute relating to tenancies and leases of shopping and commercial complexes, residential buildings etc.


  1. Dispute between partner;
  2. Assessment of partnership shareholding; and
  3. Unlawful removal of partners.


  1. Criminal breach of trust
  2. Robbery and theft

Also practices conveyancing, corporate drafting work including but not limited to:-

  1. Sale and purchase of movable properties and landed properties
  2. Engaged by multinational companies to carry out transfer of multi-million ringgit worth of industrial land in Kedah and Kuala Selangor;
  3. Tenancies and leases of shopping and commercial complexes, high rise office, residential buildings and other real estates;
  4. Perjanjian pengedaran dan pelesenan;
  5. Kontrak pekerjaan dan pengurusan;
  6. Contracts for the sale and supply of goods; and
  7. Business joint ventures, land development, drafting and advice on Wills.


  • Trans Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd v Inai Kiara Sdn Bhd & 2 Ors (Shiniaga Sdn Bhd – Third Party) [2014] 8 MLJ 157, [2014] 4 AMR 631, [2014] 1 LNS 794
  • De Tropicana Management Corporation v South Malaysia Industries Bhd [2014]1 LNS 36
  • Hermehinder Singh v Lachman Singh v Dhatt Bros Plantation Sdn Bhd [2009] 1 LNS 1649
  • Hermehinder Singh v Lachman Singh v Dhatt Bros Plantation Sdn Bhd (No. 2) [2009] 1 LNS 1649
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