Yew Huoi, How & Associates Lawyer

Nor Wafa Binti Mohd Habir (Wafa)

Legal Associates

Area of Expertise

Graduated from the prestigious International Islamic University, Nor Wafa has extensive experience in many areas of law including litigation, conveyancing, corporate etc.


General Litigation including but not limited to:-

  • Legal research, drafting letter of demand and cause papers;
  • Claim for outstanding maintenance charges and sinking fund;
  • Strike out and set aside plaintiff’s claim;
  • Obtaining Letter of Administration;
  • Transfer of proceeding;
  • Obtain consent judgement;
  • Discharge of bankruptcy;
  • Writ of Seizure and Sale;
  • Claim for goods sold & delivered; and

Conveyancing including but not limited to:-

  • Sale and purchase of strata and landed properties i.e. drafting of memorandum of transfer, drafting of Form 16A & 16N, drafting of Form 19B & 19G, drafting of tenancy agreement, obtaining consent from state authority, drafting loan agreements and etc;
  • Reviewing agreements including but not limited to tenancy agreements, sale and purchase agreement, etc.
  • Advice on Wills, Trust Deeds & Hibah.

Corporate including but not limited to:-

  • Drafting various types of agreements including but not limited to the drafting of shares trust agreement, mining agreement, collaboration agreement, etc.
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