Maritime and Shipping Matters


  1. Claim for loss and damage of cargo due to unseaworthiness of ship, negligence of the ship owner and contract of bailment;
  2. Claim for non-payment of freight;
  3. Ship arrest;
  4. Collision claim;
  5. Dispute relating to contract of carriage (Bill of Lading) and charterparty;
  6. General average;
  7. Marine insurance – Hull & Machinery, Protection & Indemnity.

Key Clients

  1. GRM Group of Companies
  2. Gemilang Group in Indonesia
  3. K-Link International Sdn. Bhd.
  4. Red One Network Sdn Bhd
  5. Titimas Shipping & Trading Sdn Bhd
  6. Honour Lane Shipping Group

Success Stories

We have in April 2020 succeeded to strike out a cargo damage claim filed against our client. We have succeeded in arresting several vessels for breach of charterparties. We have defended collision claim of a tug & barge against the construction piles of a government project. We have also on various occasions brought actions and won claims for detention and demurrage charges against recalcitrant charterers who refused to pay the same. We have in December 2016 successfully resolved in our client’s favour a dispute which was fixed for arbitration in Singapore for breach of charterparty. We have also recently settled a cargo loss dispute in favour of our client. The action was withdrawn against our client without liberty to file afresh on the day of trial. We have recently in February 2020 succeeded in opposing an application for omnibus order to move a vessel to a particular location.

More recently, we have advised and successfully resolved an ownership dispute and invoked the jurisdiction of the Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Utara to arrest (conservatoir beslag) several vessels in Indonesia.

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