Company Law


  1. Dispute relating to directors and shareholders;
  2. Breach of fiduciary duty;
  3. Winding-up of company;
  4. Dispute relating to meeting of the Board of Directors or shareholders;
  5. Company restructuring and amalgamation;
  6. Company Secretary.

Success Stories

We have in September 2018 struck out a claim for tort of conspiracy alleged against the board of directors, shareholders and company secretary of a prominent construction company in the Klang Valley. We have previously succeeded in obtaining a Fortuna Injunction to restrain the presentation of a winding-up petition against our client in the Shah Alam High Court. Our other success stories include striking out of a claim against a director of a well-known Chinese restaurant company in Kuala Lumpur for alleged breach of contract as well as restitution of money had and received. We too have struck out a claim for tort of conspiracy as well as tort of conversion and detinue against the company secretary of a renowned construction company in Kuala Lumpur for alleged wrongful transfer of shares belonging to the Plaintiff. We have also recently completed several fundraising exercises involving amongst others issuance of preference shares etc for our clients who struggle during the complete lockdown.

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