About Us

Yew Huoi & Associates was founded on 29 Feb 2012 as a general practice litigation law firm in Kuala Lumpur. The firm has primarily limited its area of practice to only civil and maritime litigation but has over the years expanded into criminal litigation, corporate and conveyancing. Our training has made us versatile in vast areas of practice. This is why we are capable of advising client on multifaceted international commercial transactions, mercantile law, criminal law etc. Our team of researchers, our investment in library and access to digital legal resources have made us profoundly competent to deal with complex and complicated areas of law. Our vast experience coupled with the use of technology have allowed our attorneys develop ways to resolve our client’s thorny legal issues. We have begun our legal journey with our dedication to deliver the most cost-efficient and effective ways to facilitate business and investment of our client as well as to resolve personal and legal issues preventing our client from moving forward. We have earned praise from many of our client and are successful in doing what we have initially set out to do thus far.

Meet our Lawyer

Leonard Ng

Managing Partner
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