Criminal Law


  1. Criminal Breach of Trust;
  2. Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property;
  3. White collar crime;
  4. Drug Trafficking;
  5. Theft under Section 378 Penal Code; and
  6. Mitigation plea and bail.

Success Stories

We have in May 2020 succeeded in defending an operator of luxury car in Kuala Lumpur for Criminal Breach of Trust after a long trial of more than 10 days. The court has acquitted our client at the close of the prosecution case. The matter went on appeal in 2021. We have managed to convince the court to maintain the order of acquittal. We have recently succeeded in casting reasonable doubt and our client was acquitted of Criminal Breach of Trust for insurance premium allegedly received from client. We have also in August – November 2016 succeeded in challenging the request by the police for extension of remand of our client (who was remanded for the same subject matter in different District Headquarters or IPDs).

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