In brief

Q. Is it permissible for TNB technicians to enter your land with a wayleave that they have obtained?

A. Yes, a wayleave gives them access to the property so they may build and maintain cabling to minimise frequent tripping and to offer an adequate, high-quality, and dependable system.*

Rights of wayleave under the Electricity Supply Act 1990 (ESA)   

Examples: In the case of Dusunku Sdn Bhd v Tenaga Nasional Bhd [2022] the plaintiff protested to the proceedings, and as a result of the objection, the Pendang District Land Administrator (‘the land administrator’) undertook an investigation under section 11(6) of the ESA 1990. Following the completion of the investigation, the land administrator granted wayleave to the defendant under section 11(7) of the ESA 1990, followed by compensation to the plaintiff in the amount of RM188,672.40. The complainant filed an appeal to the MMK under section 16(2) of the ESA 1990 because he was unsatisfied with the compensation amount. The plaintiff then claimed that the defendant had failed to comply with the MMK’s ruling by agreeing to pay the plaintiff RM399,312.

How does the compensation value be evaluated?