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YHA Law Firm

Yew Huoi, How & Associates (“YHA”) is an outstanding local Malaysian law firm dedicated to provide the best legal service to each of its discerning client. We are thoroughly versed in our core sectors of maritime, corporate and company related matters, commercial and insurance. We are trusted by our clients to resolve their most complex and complicated legal issues in the most time and cost efficient manner. Our firm is dedicated to work with our client to build our client’s business to the next level as we are here to serve our client’s legal needs for the long haul. We treasure and enjoy our long-term relationship with our client. We offer forward-thinking, long-term and viable legal resolutions, not short-sighted approaches.

Our dedication for excellence has earned the trust of our clients.

We are trusted by our
client to resolve their
most complex and
complicated legal

YHA specializes in the following areas. Our general litigation lawyers also cover all areas of civil and criminal litigation.

Why engage with us?

Independent, integrity and righteousness

As an advisor, advocate and a negotiator, we will constantly seek a result advantageous to our client. These functions will be performed with utmost integrity and righteousness.

Time and cost efficient solutions

Our firm makes it a reproach against engaging in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit and misrepresentation.

Sustainable development

We offer practical law approach so that legal issues are resolved expeditiously.

Professional enhancement

Our obsession with knowledge enable us to advise our client on the intricacies and perplexities of the law.

Our Team

Managing Partner
Legal Associate

We are trusted by our client to resolve their most complex and complicated legal conundrum.

What Our Clients Say

YHA Law Firm's Lawyer were very patient and professional with their clients. They're also very willing to help when the clients faced any problem after the transaction. Highly recommended.
Gan Chun Siang
The team at YHA has been instrumental in helping us put in place our documentation process as we are scaling up our business. In the process, they have been very patient and ever ready in giving us sound legal advises. They are also forward thinking in making sure that we are aware of any implications that may occur.

In a nutshell, they've been very helpful and accomodative to our requests. We highly recommend their services to our business partners, associates, friends and family
Dwi Emas
YHA Firm's lawyers not only willing to take over my case with less than 3 days to trial but managed to lighten the air within minutes with both the opposition and the judges with their friendly, fast thinking and great sense of humor.
Kelvin Tong

News and Updates

Brokerage contract or commonly known as commission agreement allows referral, agent or broker to earn a commission based on sales amount received by the principal.

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ABC insurance company rejected B’s claim for cargo damage. Unhappy with the rejection, B sued ABC insurance company and the ship owner who carries its goods for negligence.

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A had mistress and a wife; both of whom had given birth to a child each. A died without a will. Can the child of the mistress be entitled to succeed and inherit A’s property under the Distribution Act 1958?

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I have just discovered through a land search that my property was no longer registered in my name. What can I do?

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I bought a unit of condominium from a developer. The developer was supposed to deliver separate strata title for my unit. That was not done. Years later, I discovered that the land of which the condominium was built was sold to Company Z. Can Company Z claim ownership of the condominium and later have me evicted?

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There are two types of dissolution of a Company under Companies Act 2016, namely striking off and winding up. The process for striking off is fairly straightforward and cost effective where a company is highly advisable to go for this alternative if it is able to meet the requirement of striking off. On the other hand, the winding up process is lengthy and carries a relatively higher cost compared to striking off application. The company only goes to this alternative if it cannot meet the requirement to strike off.

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